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The Limited Editions on this page are printed from image files ranging from 400MB to 1.5GB. In the past I have had artwork listed on several print sights and they only allow image files of 20MB and a few allow up to 50MB. This is fine for smaller sizes but not for larger sizes. A 24 x 48 printed from a 20 to 50MB file will get a good poster quality print, but to get a print that is as close to the original as possible requires around 400MB.

A short story:

Several years ago a Film company came into Southwest Gallery looking for artwork to use on the sets of a new series they were starting to film. Maybe you heard of it "Queen of the South". They found several of my works as well as other artists. There was one, however, they wanted to keep for the whole season. I did not want to do that so the owner of the gallery suggested we make a digital print of the painting. When I saw the print and the painting side by side!!!! From a few feet away you could not tell one from the other! Did I mention the painting was 94 X 64 {that is just shy of 8 feet by 6 feet}. The painting is "Red Portal" and is on this page 4th row down on the right. The digital image file is 1.46GB.

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Cosmic Series


1980's  and  1990's